As I said recently, Turner will get a new cover: hopefully in time for Halloween! The latest variants we've been looking at are shown above. We are going back to the central lighthouse idea, but this time between the 'two turners'.

I'll put an edited version of my thoughts below.

Lighthouse – the one in 11 (&12) is the one that best matches the novel. In fact it is spot on apart from the round blob on top of the curved dome – two of the characters fight on that, so it needs to just be the curved metal dome with a lightning rod.

Lord John posh figure – definitely the head from 3 (and 5, and 7). Head and shoulders as in 5 & 7 means that there’s no problem with the formal clothes. In fact, even with the fuller body as in 3 & 4, it sort of works (since it sets him apart).

Chris Turner – I like the head in 2 and 7, it captures his hard-man look. The only thing with the picture is that if it includes too much it is obvious he is topless, whereas Chris usually wears a polo shirt. The head in 3 is also good.

Trees – it is nice when there are some trees at the bottom if that doesn’t overclutter things, but they would be deciduous (or even skeletal) rather than firs. There are old oaks, birch, beech, yew, ash, wild cherry, lots of brambles, all often quite menacing and dark.

Font – already nailed, I love the font in these! I like all the colour variants too – the red is nice and ominous, the dark ones in 8-10 work well against that sky, and the gold ones in 11-12 match the light.

Colours – these are really nice colour schemes. The moonlight bluey reds of 1, 2, 3, and 5; the ominous blacky-golds of 6-10; and the blue-golds of 11 and 12 (11 is particularly clean-looking, though 12 has creepier darkness). I’m happy with anything that is striking, whether it is these, or sunset colours with bleeding reds, or darker colours where the light of the lighthouse can stand out more. I like the idea of matching the lighthouse eye to the font colours. I also love the dramatic clouds at the top of some of the images.