This blog has now had over 100,000 views! I'm so pleased. One day I might also have 100,000 reviews for my books (ideally mostly good ones). This is what some of my friends say.

"It's only metrics, digital counters ticking over. And rounded numbers are arbitrary, anyway."
Alex Kavanagh

"The Smiths used way more than 1000 different words just in their first albums. And they'd have more hits than that if they were still together. Oh, I'm miserable now, see what you've done, mate?" 
 Mark Hopton

"Llongyfarchiadau Karl, really pleased for you, I am! And no, I still won't go on a date, you cheeky bloody beggar."
Samantha Rees

"I told you not to ring me on this number unless it's an emergency, or you've started the sequel to Turner, you fuckwit. Where's me royalties?" 
Chris Turner

I love 'em all.

Here's a bonus to celebrate - a chart showing visits to the blog over time, and key events in my writing. Thank you to all my visitors, readers, fans, reviewers, critics, friends, and demonic other-worldly entities.